8 signs of untrue love

Some people look for true love their whole lives, others try it on the first try. But what about these two cases? Is the relationship that you are in now, the perfect one that will last forever, or is it just a temporary affair and you have not recognized it yet? Do you want to be two? Is this just a rough patch you are going through or is this the beginning of an end? There are certain signs that can show you whether or not this is true love, and we're about to get you into some of them. It's up to you to know or forget the truth.

1. The chemistry has withered
Chemistry is a very important part of every relationship. Now relationships have it in the beginning, but after a year or two it starts to fade if you do not work on it. If you feel that the chemistry between you and your partner is withered and you do not really feel like doing anything about it – that's a sign that it's not true love.

2. They do not read each other
We're not talking about the freaky way they literally read your mind, but more about feeling like you're on the same page. You know, when you think about something and suddenly you bring it into conversation and it seems magical that you think about it, or when you finish the other sentences. If you do not get that every now and then – it's probably not true love.

3. No talk about the future
True love is to spend the rest of the time together. But if you do not talk about the future, you will want to go together if you do not plan a week in advance – it's probably not true love.


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