8 signs that you have closed for love

Painful relationships can be painful after countless heartaches and pains. It's so nice to be in love, but not everyone has the best fortune to find the perfect one that is worth everything. When such disappointments occur, it can be difficult to muster the courage to open your heart and try again. Or once you start dating, no one can love the interest that seems to fit into the bill. Something sounds vaguely known? Here are 8 signs that indicate you have cut yourself off from love.

You can not stand people who are in healthy relationships
People who have previously been hurt in relationships sometimes can not deal with muddy, super happy couples on their way to eternal bliss, whether it's your best friend, a sibling or a co-worker. This can be a sure sign that you are closed when you can not even be happy when other people are happy.

All potential romantic interests seem to be all wrong
No matter how big a person may be at the beginning, no one seems to be worth the effort to go through the exam, get to know each other, and become vulnerable to someone new.

You give up someone for the smallest hangover
If you find that, for small reasons or for harmless mistakes you make, you form a pattern in which the love interests form left and right, you may have a serious emotional block. You really do not want them to have more than a certain closeness to you because you really are not ready to let someone in.


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