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8 signs to make sure that he is interested in making you his wife


If you are looking for a long-term partner, you definitely want to know sooner rather than later that you are "the one" when it comes to seeing you with a future. To overcome this fear, look for some of these signs.

No thinking games
He will not play games, but is more likely hints to "What if?" Give. What if you had a chance to move to another city? Or if you decide to tie the knot – would you risk it? These are all questions he asks to see where you stand when it comes to taking the plunge.

Team aspect of the relationship
As you speak, focus on the language that highlights the team component in which the shift from I to O and to We takes place. You are no longer the only wolf making decisions – you have a life together, and you would not make any important decisions without your partner.

Invite to meet family
One of the strongest hints of a man who wants to settle with you, gives him a little insight into his family and even introduces you to an extended family – his not so preferred uncle and his annoying aunt. This is a sign with more certainty than others that he is serious with you. He wants you to meet his people, siblings and even cousins ​​and uncle, so the future is properly secured.


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