8 signs Your friend's mother is too involved in your relationship

Being in a relationship can be really nice. You have a person whom you love and who loves you back, you always have someone to talk to and someone to cuddle with, you have a crime partner, a confidante. But being in a relationship is not always rainbow and butterflies, it also takes a lot of work and effort. It can be difficult to figure things out between two of you, but if a parent decides to add their 2 cents, it becomes virtually impossible. And the funny thing is, sometimes we do not even realize that it's not us who make it difficult, but a parent who fiddles with our love life. Let's talk about 8 signs, your friend's mother is too involved in your relationship.

1. Teach with example
One of the most important things we learn from our parents is what love is and how it is displayed. Your friend's mother can influence your relationship without you realizing it. If your friend has some weird expectations of you, such as how you behave or what your relationship should be like, there's a chance he'll only expect it because his parents behave that way. One way to overcome this is to just say it out and explain to him that every relationship is different and just because it's different does not mean it's wrong.

2. Give you relationship advice
Look, it's okay to talk about your relationship with your mother and ask her for advice, but if her mother wants to give you advice, she's going too far. If she has any concerns about your relationship, that's her problem. She can just get over it or talk to her son about it, not about you. When she does that, she transcends her limits.

3. See you as a threat
There are mothers out there who see her son's girlfriend as a threat, so they make Mom's boys big. If your friend is one of them – run. If he constantly compares you to his mother, it's too late. There is no profit, and even if, why would you want it?


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