8 tips and tricks to strengthen your nails

    There are some people who naturally have strong nails and I envy them. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and I guess you are not happy either. It's hard to say how these people got their strong nails. Maybe they won the genetic lottery or eat super-healthy all the time, maybe they do dark magic in return for perfect nails, I'll never know. But I know how to fake it. Here are a few tips and tricks that I know and use to keep my nails strong and not breaking all the time.

    1. Wear gloves
    Your nails should never be exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Wear protective gloves when washing or cleaning your home. The same applies to wearing gloves in winter, it is good for the hands and nails.

    2. Keep it short
    It takes about 3 months to regrow a damaged nail completely, and it's best to keep it short. If your nails are thin and brittle, it is best to polish and shorten them to prevent further breakage and to encourage them to grow.

    3. Use base coat
    In an ideal world, you would get manicures on a regular basis. But we're all busy, so it's best to keep a few layers of protective varnish at all times. It protects them from water and soap and keeps them stronger. Try to find basic coats with lots of vitamins.


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