8 Tips for Cleaning the Beauty Tools


    The make-up and beauty industry is an amazing invention. It allows us to express ourselves freely, to change our appearance, to emphasize our best qualities and to conceal these annoying imperfections and insecurities when we feel vulnerable. But not only beauty products help us in everyday life, we all have a number of beauty tools that make the process a lot easier. But we all have a little secret, right? We do not care so much about our beauty tools as we should. Let us take this opportunity and thoroughly clean all our beauty tools. Here are some useful tips.

    1. Makeup sponge
    How often do you clean your Beauty Blender? Ideally you should do it after each use, but we are lazy, we are not. It's so easy to do. All you need is a mild soap or shampoo and warm water. It is best to cleanse it by soaking it in warm water until it expands completely, then incorporate a little gentle shampoo and rinse until the water becomes clear. If you have not cleaned your beauty mixer for a long time, you can soak it in soapy water for a while to thoroughly cleanse it and then rinse it off.

    2. Make-up brush
    Brushes are also easy to clean, but since we use so much, it can be quite overwhelming to clean and clean them every time. That's why we recommend cleaning them once a week. The procedure is similar to cleaning a beauty sponge, except that you should use lukewarm or cold water. Moisten only the bristles and not the part where they are connected to the handle. You do not want to ruin the glue and have bristles that fall out. Wet them with cold water, put some shampoo in the hand and wave the wet brushes in it to remove the make-up. Rinse and then flatten to remove all of the water and place on a towel overnight to dry.

    3. Hairbrushes and combs
    If we are bad with make-up brushes, it is really depressing how we rarely cleanse our hairbrushes. Did you know that if you do not clean your hairbrush, can it make your hair dull and dirty, even if you just washed it? Most of us think that removing hair from the brush is enough, but that's not the only thing left over. Above all, remove the hair, make sure you get every strand, use scissors to cut off the most annoying hair stuck. Then use warm water and shampoo to wash off dirt, dead skin, and hairbrush residue from bristles. Feel free to use an old toothbrush to assist in the process.


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