8 tips on how to draw a man's attention on Instagram

To draw a man's attention on Instagram is a difficult thing. First of all, you never want to look too desperate and just spam it. But also, straight with a "Hi there!" Going to DMs can be pretty pointless, especially if you do not know him or have a large following. Slipping in DMs is a tricky thing and you have to do it with care and finesse. But do not worry, we have some foolproof ways to get your attention on Instagram, so read on.

1. Be subtle
They do not want to come across too much and just go over their entire food, like every single image. It's weird, it's scary, he'll think you're a weird fan and ignore you from that moment on. The goal is to intermittently like a few of her images. Maybe you can follow them for a while like any other, or even better, only those who really stand out. You want him to notice you, but do not say you're interested.

2nd comment on purpose
It makes no sense to comment on someone's contribution with just one emoji. Nobody takes that seriously, it's basically like spam. So talk sparingly and only if you have something to say. And through "have something to say"We mean a funny reference to something in the photo. Definitely not commenting"OMG ur so hot"Have a class, girl.

3. Respond to stories
Another great way to get someone's attention on Instagram is to answer their stories. But again you have to do this on purpose. Do not just write "Hey sweety"Nobody will answer that, so ask instead for the song in the Instastorium (if it's not already marked, obviously), you'll get your attention much more that way.


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