8 ways in which beetroot is a blessing to you, skin and hair

Beetroot has recently gained some superfood status, and for a reason. Perhaps you have heard of its many advantages as a vegetable with all kinds of vitamins and healthy compounds. It lowers blood pressure, fights anemia, improves liver function and makes you a healthier person in general. But that's not all! Your skin and hair can also benefit from the purple magic of beet juice. Do you want to know how? Here are 8 ways in which beetroot is a blessing for your skin and hair.

Use it as a natural blush
In the past, people were pretty straightforward and simply rubbed beets against their cheeks to get the rosy effect. You can do that or spend a little more time preparing your own 100% natural red beetroot blushes. Peel and slice several turnips and bake in an oven until they are completely crispy. Add to a blender or mill and process to a fine pink powder. Apply with a brush as you would blush regularly.

Purify your body and your skin
Beets are among the strongest plant detoxifiers that help your body to get rid of acne, cellulite, whiteheads and many other unpleasant things. Prepare a special beet-detox drink that you can take once a week to feel its magical effect. Take half a cucumber, peeled and chopped, chopped and mix to a puree. Remove the pulp and drink the juice!

Eat turnips for radiant skin
Because of the different health benefits of the beets, the food will simply cleanse your skin. That's right, no special preparations and blender. Eat it raw or cooked – beet is good or something and will help your body get rid of toxins.


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