8-year-old fulfilled her dream of swimming with mermaids

As a child, you suffer from a chronic illness that can be devastating to a child's mental health and happiness. But this week, a sweet eight-year-old with a blood disorder spent her life time swimming with her favorite mythical creatures!

Naomi's Rocky Childhood Journey

For the young Naomi, childhood was not disturbing. The 8-year-old spent much of her life in hospital beds because of a rare blood disorder. And while Naomi has kept a good mood through much of her treatment, her parents have seen the toll that the disease has on her.

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"This is a serious illness for a child who is so young," said her father Philip Hyde. Given her numerous hospital stays, it is understandable that Noomi has difficulty remaining hopeful. Lately, a mind-lifting company has decided to bring some magic into Naomi's life!

The incredible dedication of Make-A-Wish

Most people are familiar with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but many do not know how much this amazing company cares about the dreams of sick children. They go far beyond bringing good luck to children suffering from a variety of devastating diseases. And when it demands to defy reality, they always come through!

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Make-A-Wish has spawned some incredibly massive dreams over the years! From a little boy in Batman for the day to help a group of terminally ill children "rescue" Gilligan from his island, the company has always put its best foot forward to cheer children up. And when Naomi wanted to spend the day as a mermaid, she got her wish!

An incredible afternoon with mermaids

When Naomi wandered to South Florida Beach in late July, she came across a pair of mermaids waiting to swim with her! Naomi, of course, was thrilled to put on her own pink cock and jump into the water with the beautiful creatures. While most children are fans of mermaids, her mother says that Naomi's passion for the mythical sea beauties is more than just liking her.

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According to her mother, Leona Guerrier, mermaids One of Naomi's reasons was to stay strong through her illness. Through Make-A-Wish, Naomi was able to find true happiness while continuing to fight her clutter! Her mother's wish is: "She stays better, she stays healthy and she lives on dream, "


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