9 characters He lost interest in you

While some believe true love forever, relationships are more likely to expire. These are some warning signs that your partner may lose interest and, on the other hand, you may end up losing it. Keep an eye out.

1. You see a lot of Platonic behavior from him. The flame is fading, and the passionate electricity that two of you once had seems to have faded now. This is a sign that he looks at you as a friend rather than a lover and long-term bae.

2. He has made more excuses. Suddenly and more often than ever before, he has to run errands or be mysteriously busy all the time. Even if he does not do anything dodgy, that proves that you no longer have priority in his book.

3. He stopped asking questions. When you ask about your partner, you can learn more about someone, and if someone no longer asks how you are, it means they do not care or lose interest.


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