9 main reasons why long distance relationships fail

Okay, you got to know him during an adventurous vacation, things got interesting, but now you're both back in your life in different cities (or even countries), and it seems like it might work, you're really keen on something just does not feel right. If you are experiencing a kind of long-distance relationship and it is not as satisfying as you thought, here are the main reasons why long distance relationships fail.

Communication becomes funny
Because you both really want this to work, try to communicate as much as possible with each other. In the age of messengers and social media, it's easy, but beware – the more scheduled your chats are, the more captive you will feel. When people live in a city, they can spontaneously talk about meetings and chats, while in long-distance relationships they commit to talking as much as possible to their partner.

They change and you drift apart
We are shaped by our environment so that life in different parts of the country (or around the world) will soon feel like you're living in different worlds, which is true of many long distance relationships. The more time you spend away from each other, participating in the same social events, holidays, local celebrations, and the whole environment, the more you feel distant from each other.

You meet new people
It is natural for people to get together and seek business. You can spend time with a friend, a concert or another event and meet someone who is interesting there. When you spend time with someone in real life, it is easy for you to get involved in it, while long-term relationships require constant work and focus on your partner and needs.


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