9 reasons why some men are not emotionally attached to women

The title says "some," but let's be real – most men are (or do not seem to) be emotionally unavailable. The fact is there and the reasons are numerous. While this article will not give you the 10 tips to repair your husband, I will say that clear communication is the key if you even make an effort to try. So, here are 8 reasons why your husband (or a man) could be emotionally unavailable.

1. You have the emotional reach of a teaspoon
Although the concept of emotional intelligence is widely criticized in the scientific community, it is difficult to deny that it is at least partially true. Emotional intelligence is a person's ability to recognize their own emotions and those of others, to appropriately influence emotions, and to use that information to guide their behavior. Many men never invest in the analysis of their emotions and therefore can not process them properly. At best, they will be closed and emotionally unreachable. In the worst case, they will have tantrums and behave like stubborn children.

2. Toxic masculinity
Terry Crews is the only person who wants to be a trustworthy man. Instead, boys are brought up to believe that they have a sign that they have a complex range of emotions as signs of weakness. They have the full range of positive emotions, but when it comes to negative emotions, they have anger or utter despair. There is no in between. And while emotional intelligence is a person's ability to understand their emotions, the problem of toxic masculinity makes them difficult to express, even when they understand them.

3. Childhood trauma
TB perfect H, men are not the only people who can have problems with emotional unreachability. This problem is not limited to types. Childhood trauma can make children grow up with confidence issues, making it difficult for them to open up later in life to others.


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