9 signs that you are feeling a loss of attractiveness for your partner

Not every relationship is built for eternity. It is a gloomy and not so romantic point of view, but a more realistic one. Here are some red flags that you need to have a serious discussion, couple therapy or even break.

1. What you found totally hot or at least looking the other way annoys you like no one else. This could be a mask for something deep, or it could just be a temporary phase. If you are annoyed by the way they slurp their soup or clothes, think about what it might mean.

2. You start to think about others or to look at them in a romantic light. Even though you might not have looked at other types before, this could be a loss of attraction if you start getting butterflies over another person.

3. If you think about your future, you are not there. When you were serious the first time, all you thought about was spending all your time together. Now you make plans without consulting them or thinking about what they want. You've already moved on, you just have not parted with them.


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