A Bollywood inspired eye makeup tutorial

If you've seen at least one Bollywood movie, you know how much makeup, glitter and glittering Indian filmmakers use to highlight their actresses. And oh boy, they love make-up! But we have to give it to them, Bollywood make-up artists will create some pretty outstanding looks for their films. You do not want to wear that kind of glamorous make-up everyday, but every once in a while – why not? Here's a simple Bollywood-inspired eye make-up tutorial that will turn you into a true diva.

First things first – Use your eye foundation as the basis for your amazing Bollywood make-up, otherwise your eyeshadow will become an unsolvable nightmare. Put a piece of tape on the outer corner of the eye to form a sharp line that helps keep your makeup clean and accurate. Pick up a part of the pink eyeshadow, reminiscent of candies and fairy tales, and gently apply it to the fold area. We promise that it will look stunning in the end!

This may be difficult for those of you who are not used to using Gel Eyeliner, but there is a first for everything. Do not worry if you mess up this little bit, because it's more of an outline for what's coming next, and you'll blur it later anyway. Simply draw a relatively thick black line at the outer corner of your eye and follow the fold area to get a beautiful wing shape.


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