A village in Turkey uses a secret whistling language to chat

You heard the phrase "whistling while you work". Well, in a remote Turkish town that lies in the mountains, the villagers take it to the next level. They use their own special language of pipes to communicate! Who needs words when you can whistle?

The word of the bird

The language consists of unique sounds, originally intended for communication in mountainous terrain. It's a sophisticated system of high-pitched whistles that can call a neighbor's name, ask questions, complain about in-laws, and even refuse an unpleasant invitation.

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It is important that the pipe is loud enough to be heard over vast tracts of land or valleys. You must have a strong Bird Language game if you want to call your kids for dinner when they are on a different mountain.

A rare bird

Although the language of the birds has been spoken or whistled in much of the Black Sea, it is now spoken in the small town of Kuskoy. Today it is estimated that today only 10,000 people speak the bird language.

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That is why UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in a vulnerable part of World Heritage, has declared that it is important to protect them.

Do not call it a comeback

Or, sure, call it a comeback. The people of Kuskoy are still whistling and the bird language is on the rise. The villagers began to celebrate an annual festival celebrating bird language. They also started teaching the whistle code schools The next generation loses no connection to her.

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bird language is an important part of their culture that the people of the region want to preserve. Cheer up when you visit and turkish villagers break into pipes? They are definitely talking about you.


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