Abandoned puppy has touched reunion with Savior

Dogs are too susceptible to inexpressible and pointless cruelties of humans. When a man found a tape-bound muzzle, he was moved to help the dog in a desperate situation.

Bridge over disturbed water

In Griffith, Indiana, Bob Hoelter decided to spend a wintry night instead of taking the car to a nearby shop. As Mr. Hoelter crossed a bridge on his two-mile journey and stopped. Under the darkness of the bridge a tortured and anxious whimpering sounded in his ear.

Griffith Animal Hospital

On his hands and knees, Bob wanted to know who was in trouble and how he could help. Always prepared for anything, Bob pulled out his reliable flashlight to have a better look under the bridge. Nothing could prepare him for what he would find.

Race to save a life

Cold, trembling and half startled, a four-month-old puppy lay at the bottom of the bridge. His mouth was wrapped in insulating tape. Shocked, Bob quickly grabbed the abused puppy, threw it under his jacket, and made a furious rush for Griffith Animal Hospital down the street. "I never thought I would see that in real life," said Lori Kovacich, veterinary clinic manager for three decades.

Griffith Animal Hospital

The puppy was bone-thin, had a broken leg and the electric tapes had caused considerable damage after days of stay. The staff assumed that someone had thrown the poor creature from the bridge, but thankfully had missed its target. Fortunately, Bob Hoelter found the puppy and took him to Griffith Animal Hospital for immediate care.

Heroes will never forget

After recovering from his injuries, the puppy finally found a loving home. An animal-loving couple, Mary and Doug Witting, decided to adopt the dog and called him Louie. The couple had recently lost their dog, but was moved to adoption after Louie's hearing heartbreaking story,

Griffith Animal Hospital

Lori Kovacich was enthusiastic about Louie, but found that she did not receive any information about his rescuer. Luckily for everyone involved, Bob's niece saw a Facebook post over the Internet rescued puppy and supported in a reunion. Bob was shocked when Louie immediately ran to him and showered him with kisses for his pity. The Griffith Animal Hospital later took over Facebook, stating that the puppy was likely to be included in a post on the account that has so far found more than 6,000 likes and hundreds of supportive responses.


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