Adorable moment between a playful dog and his baby BFF

If you have a mix of kids and pets in your home, the excitement and playfulness will never die. And this mother managed to capture an incredibly precious moment between her toddler and her enthusiastic puppy!

A never-ending stream of cuteness

Bringing a baby into a household with pets can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience! It is difficult to know how a dog, cat or other creature could react to a competitor in cuteness. However, most pets are gentle, loyal and even make a protective bond with the children in their homes.

sazareda / YouTube

Nevertheless, the best thing about having a baby and a pet at the same time does not feel safe and secure. It is the constant stream of inevitable kindness! And recently this mother has captured the most precious, heartwarming moment between her sweet boy and her playful puppy in front of the camera!

Pumpkin The playful puppy

When this sweet couple decided to bring children to their house, they did not hesitate for a second, knowing that their puppy would love him! Pumpkin, who adopted seven years ago, had always been cheerful, gentle and caring. When her first child came, Pumpkin treated the little one with great care. Pumpkin may have grown up as a "single child" all her life, but that did not stop her from showering the new family member in kisses and love!

sazareda / YouTube

They soon brought another child into the house, and Pumpkin fell in love with the baby! Pumpkin was extremely playful with kid number two. Since the child was tied to the ground, Pumpkin made sure that the child was entertained. And when her mother heard the child screaming with laughter from another room, she knew who was behind the happy noise.

Too loveable for words

Her mother hurried into the living room to check on the cause of the excitement and found that Pumpkin and her child were playing together on the floor. Pumpkin rode around the baby in cheerful circles, screaming with hysterical laughter. Mom soon ran to find her camera to capture that adorable moment!

sazareda / YouTube

From now on, the valuable video was viewed almost 14 million times! The boy's laugh is contagious! "Those who can not understand how I did not make it laugh hysterically It took me about five minutes to pick it up while I was recording it, "said the mother," whether it makes you smile or not, it's impossible to not smile at this sweet and playful one moment!


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