Artist Depicts Instagram Vs. Reality In Hysterical Series

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, “This person is trying too hard.” If you have, you’re not alone. Some users pose for the perfect picture, but they’re not documenting “real life.” That’s what led German artist Geraldine West to create a series of “Instagram vs. Reality” pictures, and they’re just too good.

Perfect At The Train Station

Who arrives at the train station looking this flawless? West answers, “Nobody.” Let’s be realistic. You’re about to travel on a train. You typically wouldn’t want to wear high heels, a fancy skirt, etc. Maybe that’s just us, but clearly, West agrees and decided to show a more honest version of how travelers look.

@geraldinewest_ via Instagram

No Sweat, No Gain

There are many online photo gurus (usually fitness bloggers) who post pictures and/or videos of themselves exercising. They look perfect and don’t sweat at all. West says this isn’t realistic either. She shared a realistic photo of her sweating and she isn’t smiling. That’s true to life!

@geraldinewest_ via Instagram

Not Your Average Shopper

The typical shopper doesn’t shop at Louis Vuitton, wearing a fancy dress and high heels. Instead, the realistic shopper goes shopping at Aldi supermarket. Most shoppers also wear casual, comfortable clothing when they go grocery shopping. This is realistic, and thankfully West is always there to provide a realistic version on Instagram.

@geraldinewest_ via Instagram

Day In The Snow

Most people aren’t super thrilled to be outside during the winter season. And yet we constantly see pictures glorifying a stroll in the snow, presenting it as a picturesque experience. Who makes heart-shaped snowballs? Not the everyday person! West demonstrated the reality of spending a day in the snow, and it’s not always glamorous.

@geraldinewest_ via Instagram

Food Is Love

We have all seen the perfect relationship photos shared online. The girl is reaching for flowers from her boyfriend, or the couple is smiling into the camera while spending the day at the beach. West shared a more realistic, and humorous, photo of true love — the love between a girl and her McDonald’s food.

@geraldinewest_ via Instagram


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