Awesome-Timed Shadows will do you double-takes

Shadows are clever little tricks of the light. What looks like an alien lurking in the corner is just a wardrobe and a pile of clothes. The angle of the sun, or the way the light hits an object, can produce something magical from an ordinary object. There are no ways these shadows will not make you look twice!

The most patriotic shadow

Sure, this flag does not have 50 stars, but that's a trivial detail. With this shadow in your living room, it is the 4th of July, when the sun is shining. Seeing the flag when the sun goes down is probably pretty cool! Timing is everything with shadows. The next slide proves it.


The perfect moment

Imagine stumbling over this shadow. It only has one moment to be perfect every day the sun shines. The photo is like a statue. Do you think that the shadow world is about to take over, or will the technicolor reality backfire? Shadows have a funny way of making real things look distorted.


Cows in bas relief

Photos from a high angle on a bright day are unreal. In this photo are two cows, one black and one white. They are cows of average height, but their shadows are larger than life. Their actual shapes resemble sharply defined silhouettes, do not you think?


Photoshop failed

This looks like the worst Photoshop in any life, right? This guy on the back is just a poorly tailored picture, right? Take a closer look. The shadow fits perfectly with the image of the man behind the other two. What looks like the corner of a thumb name is just a strange geometric shadow on a guy's shirt.


lucky charm

Discovering a four-leaf clover is a special event. Seeing a clover casting a heart-shaped shadow is a real rarity. Good for the photographer who does that image, It is a unique opportunity in a Blue Moon. Have you ever seen one? four-leaf clover?

What is the most beautiful shade you have ever seen?



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