Bird flew through windows and people can not stop talking

We've all had lousy days, but a reddit user has just redefined what makes a "bad day" when an unfortunate visitor accidentally ruined everything.

The unsuspecting victim

If you think working on your laptop in front of an open window is harmless, think again.

Life Wire

Reddit users, JaMollyAdams, can speak with the horrors that can happen if the window is left open thanks to a random bird.

Totally Pooped

The bird landed through the open window, tipped on the person's laptop and then died. "The bird flew into my window, onto my laptop and decided to die right in front of me," JaMollyAdams wrote on the platform. "How's your day?" JaMollyAdams, it can be assumed that your day runs much better than that of the bird.

Reddit / JaMollyAdams

So much to produce. How exactly should one recover after such a chaotic and morbid scene? The photo has taken the Internet by storm since its release, capturing 181,000 annoyances and more than 5,000 comments on Reddit.

Good luck

A redditor commented to decipher the incident. "They say it's lucky if a bird shoots you, but bad luck if it dies in your house – pretty sure you're even stevens in this case," wrote Reddit user DooDooBrownz. Even Stevens, maybe, but that's still gross (and somehow sad).

Ten years ago

Another user was a little dark with his comment. "There are days when it sounds pretty nice to dump somebody on his laptop and then tip over dead." Since Reddit was as it was, the comments quickly discovered the nature of bird that happened to be an uninvolved spectator Mount Bluebird, RIP little bluebird.


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