Brazilian photographer makes the ordinary extraordinary

Photography, like any art form, is constantly evolving. It also has to compete with the fast-growing world of technology. With the amazing cameras we have on our cell phones, almost anyone can produce professional photos with a tap of the screen. But some photographers are finding ways to differentiate themselves. Gilmar & Silva is one of them. He has this amazing ability to turn a common place into a masterpiece.

Puppy lovin & # 39;

Many photographers use the natural foliage of our earth to create beautiful photos. This one is above everything else. Somehow, Gilmar was able to take it at the perfect angle, so the camera caught the oranges of the sunset. The result is a picture that reflects the joy we feel when we are with our beloved pets. This is just an emotion that Gilmar can visualize with his camera.

Gilmar & # 39; Silva

The beautiful storm

Some say that love is the power that unites us all. We would have to agree. With this photograph, Gilmar can show how strong love can be while remaining tender. By replacing a pale wall with a night sky and adding rain, he shows us that two people in love can bring beauty to every storm. This is not the only trick Gilmar can do with water.

Gilmar & # 39; Silva


If you have ever gone into photography, you know that many professionals use angles and reflections to their advantage. Although Gilmar does not do that. He could turn that drab pond into a kaleidoscope of color and beauty. By using only the light that rose through the trees, he created a completely different world. If you think that's impressive, just wait until you see what he can do with artificial light.

Gilmar & # 39; Silva


By adding a simple light to a book, Gilmar captures the joy we all feel within us as we draw inspiration from a book. The imagination of this young woman is now something we can imagine thanks to this artist. And all he needed was an ordinary library. Of course, Gilmar can also enhance the beauty that we already see.

Gilmar & # 39; Silva

Worthy of Instagram

This last picture would do something instagram Star jealous. Would not you like that as your profile picture? The woman looks like she came out of a magazine! All Gilmar used for this look was his talent, a backyard and a few twinkling lights. We begin to believe that this man could turn everyone into one Fashion sensation,

Gilmar & # 39; Silva


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