Can You Guess the Movie Based on the Limerick?

As a poet I always had a weakness for coercion. Limericks are probably my favorite because they are fast and concise, and the ruby ​​patterns almost inevitably make them hilarious.

One of my favorite Limericks is an unforgettable Renee Zellweger 2001 classic named Bridget Jones Diary,

The limerick goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a woman from Ealing
Who had a special feeling?
She lay on her back,
And opened her crack
And pissing on the whole ceiling.

This is my favorite limerick in a movie, but what about a favorite movie? A a limerick? These redditors They have taken poetry to the next level by describing their favorite films exclusively with Limerick.

How many of these films can you guess when you read the poem? No scams!

He was not a creature of pomp,

He was forced to take a break

He saved a beautiful girl,

With the help of his donkey,

Because they would not come from his swamp.

(submitted by The_Labadal)


The answer is Shrek. Fun, right?

I served on a ship when back,

It went down with twelve hundred men.

The sharks ate the crew,

Farewell and goodbye,

I will never wear a life jacket again.

(submitted by Taffer92)


Did you guess? throat? If you had, you would be right!

Our hero is really a sinner,

Although he makes the young Clarice the winner.

From his cell he solves crimes

His escape is sublime,

Now he has an old friend for dinner.

(submitted by Gillmacs)


The movie is silence of the Lambs, Impeccable movie, by the way.

Once upon a time there was a silly old bear

Who played with a piglet and rabbits

His friend, that is a human

It is now played by Ewan

And they make the happiest couple

(submitted by 3SpoutTeapot)


The movie in this Limerick is Christopher Robin.

The man has lost his things in a fire

Met a friend whom he began to admire

After fat bags they stole

It got out of control

Then he found out why he was so tired.

(submitted by PhilosophicalFarmer)


Do not talk about it Fight Club,

A man with a very big heart

Gives a red rose at the beginning of his love.

But then things go south,

And there is a weapon in his mouth,

He tore him apart for his Lisa!

(submitted by GoodLordChokeAnABomb)


You were right, if you guessed it My cousin Vinny.

Once upon a time there was a boy with a monkey

Who conjured up such a spirit

He was dressed like a prince

So that he could convince

He was not a fibber to the princess.

(submitted by Billionairez)


The movie in this Limerick is Aladdin,

Hello, my name is Dory,

I want to tell you a story

But sometimes I forget

All the people I met.

Hello, my name is Dory.

(submitted by AdjunctFunktopus)


An old man with a house in the sky

Tied balloons for it to fly

A scout came too

And a dog who loves you

But the opening always makes me cry

(submitted by dog_in_the_vent)


Once upon a time, it was a popular boy

Who lived in Chicago, Illinois.

He played hooky for a day

to the dismay of his director

But gave his friend much pleasure.

(submitted by geoff butler)


Of course it is Ferris Bueller's rest day,

A boy who limped once

Was bullied and ran like a wimp

After a bit of tension

And many events

He started Bubba Gump Shrimp.

(submitted by Whigget)


The answer was Forrest Gump, moron!

The man, caught the same day,

is planning everything to go his own way.

But he finds out slowly,

That's not what love is about.

Nevertheless, he will probably stay in Punxsutawney.

(submitted by narcolepsyinc)


Ah, literally timeless Groundhog Day.

Once upon a time there was a wonderful ship

Who made a very fast journey

Jack and Rose found true love

With her upstairs

While Jack unfortunately took a cold bath.

(submitted by ambnfb)


The world you know is not real

Computers control what you feel

Wake up, as with us

The spoon is not like that

The bad guys are just bits, bytes and steel.

(submitted by AmyDeferred)


Yup, the movie in question is The matrix,

It's a story that's a bit unbelievable:

A princess is now irretrievable.

When a man is completely black

Start from the back

The kidnapper says, "Unthinkable!"

(submitted by GaveUpMyGold)


Nothing like The princess bride to bring me back to my youth.

Shoemaking scared Miguel

He longed to make music instead

He longed for glory

But learned his true story

One night in the land of the dead.

(submitted by robingallup)


The answer is nothing but this heartwarming Pixar movie, Coco.

His wife was a bit whiny

But his love gave him so much finer thoughts

Because they needed more money

He said, "Honeybunny,

I got it! Let's rob a diner! "

(submitted by t8km3cereal)


Did you guess? Pulp fiction? You're right, if you did it!

The contract killer whose wife died

Gets a dog that helps to fix it

Until a cowardly pig

Kill his beloved dog

And now there is hell to pay.

(submitted by hesdoneitagain)


Once upon a time there was a man with a dream

"Put a dream in a dream!" He would scream

There is a top in the end

And we all do so

That we definitely knows what it means.

(submitted by illaqueable)


Are you dreaming right now? Not if you answered beginning,

How many did you understand correctly? Next challenge: the film haiku.

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