Cards against humanity had the funniest answer

Over the past decade, the Internet has helped companies connect with their customers in unprecedented ways. Social media can be used to express genuine concerns or, frankly, make ridiculous requests. When this girl asked Cards Against Humanity to send her an insane amount of glitter, they fulfilled her desire to a dreadful degree!

The hilarious team "Cards against humanity"

If you have not played Cards Against Humanity, do not hang out with the right people on the game night! This crazy card game for adults takes apples to apples to a whole new level. It's hilarious, mature and sometimes uncomfortable question and answer cards make it a side-by-side pleasure to play with the right crowd! And luckily, the P.R. Humans are just as humorous as the game.

Kait Johnson / Facebook

Recently, Cards Against Humanity decided to come on board with LGBT + Pride Month and send a "Pride Pack" of their cards – with the option to add glitter! They could not have expected to get so many orders because it did not take long for the company to run out of glitter to distribute them. This resulted in hostility in one of their loyal players, but they decided to do it in a hysterical way!

Ask for Glitter Bomb

When Kait Johnson went online to order her own glittery "Pride Pack," she found that the product was not available. In a state of disappointment, Kait picked up social media to voice her concerns. "Well, cards against humanity came out with a pack of pride this month … but apparently they did not shine anymore," she tweeted. She did not travel long. Instead, she decided to fight for her right to glitter!

Kait Johnson / Facebook

She wrote e-mails to Cards Against Humanity and asked her to send her a lot of glitter and notice that she was "really making me really happy." They soon responded with a hilarious but ominous message, and Kuit envelopes began to flow into Kait's mailbox! Still, she was not impressed by the minimal amount of sparkle she sent.

A terrible dream, how true

Kait once again emailed cards against humanity and said, "Is that all you have?" Her answer was golden and creepy: "I'm sorry I did not overwhelm you, thanks for the excuse to go too far." A few days later, an anxious Kait found the ultimate surprise on her doorstep!

Kait Johnson / Facebook

When he opened the precarious package, Kait discovered that it was filled to the brim with five pounds of glitter! Kait soon found out that the sparks were inevitable and said, "Every time I think I got rid of it, a little bit more appears." Cards against humanity simply replied, "You did it to yourself." They really fulfilled them dreams– And she probably thought twice about ever wishing for anything again!


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