Chef creates edible illusions with his abnormal dessert designs

Ben Churchill is not a normal cook. Called a "food illusionist," the British chef adds a touch of style to any dessert he creates. He often designs his dishes so that they do not look as appetizing as dirty ashtrays, dirty sponges, and more. Do not take our word for it. See for yourself.

Dirty with desserts

Here's one of Churchill's creations that mimic dirt and worms. The dessert actually consists of moist chocolate cake, strawberry jelly, chocolate ganache and mint. Surprisingly, Churchill has not always dreamed of becoming a cook. He started learning to make pastries in 2015 after he had dropped out of the art school.

Instagram / Ben Churchill

Surreal sponge cake

While this looks like a dirty kitchen sponge, it's actually a dish made from an olive oil sponge. Churchill covered the sponge with crumbs and served it over a sweet milk-toffee sauce. While many of his inspirations come from generally unappetizing inspirations, the chef has created more than just disgusting after dinner treats.

Instagram / Ben Churchill

Tastes like chicken

"I had never done pastry before and wanted to learn, so I started teaching myself," Churchill said. "I ventured into fruit desserts, but found them too restrictive, inspired by movies, video games, and the world around me to see what I can do with food." Here we see how Churchill of roasted Chicken and chips were inspired. The "chicken" is actually made of chocolate cake and icing.

Instagram / Ben Churchill

Slice of the sky

Churchill's imitation desserts do not stop here. Just look at this version of a hot pepper pizza made from vanilla cake, strawberry jam, white chocolate and strawberry marzipan. While he is an amazing cook, Churchill has also written a recipe book that explains how to make these illusory treats at home.

Facebook / Chef Ben Churchill

Breakfast for dessert?

If you are looking for a dessert Coconut pannacotta, Mango and grilled lemon sponge just like Bacon and eggs, you can find Churchill's book, Food Illusions Vol. 1at Amazon for $ 24.99. Churchill's debut book is also available on Kindle. More importantly, would you try any of these delusions illusionary treats?

Instagram / Ben Churchill


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