Chrissy Teigen Starts Basketball Rumor About LeBron James And It Ends Up Being True

Chrissy Teigen starts basketball rumor about LeBron James and it ends up being true

Chrissy Teigen is not just a model, a TV personality, a fantastic cook with a penchant for delicious recipes and a queen of Twitter selling trolls Remember their net worthShe is also a clairvoyant.


Or at least an unintentional one.

Doigen recently became a random Nostradamus after she had tweeted that she wanted to start basketball rumors

People were immediately interested in whatever problems they would start. Because, knowing tigen, it would be hilarious. Some have embarked on the action and made their own suggestions.

Teigen has finally embarked on this most unlikely: discovering LeBron James at an embroidery store in Los Angeles and putting his name on a jersey.

This was before it was officially announced that "The King" would leave the Cavs to go to another franchise. The best player in the league can make his choice from any team in the NBA and everyone would be happy to have him.

There was a lot of talk now about LeBron going to the Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics … there was not much arguing that he was going to LA. But here we are. And doughs "called it" in some funny tweets. She even provided "evidence" for her fictitious rumor.

Apparently, some people did not get the memo in advance and took Teigen's allegations seriously.

Which dough had the perfect answer for.

Like many of her followers.

The whole joke tickled Twitter pink … but it just got better when it officially became known that James had actually joined the Lakers.

Now doughs were in an amazing situation: there were a lot of people who were in the original joke, and some who honestly said that they had insider knowledge of James's affiliation with the Lakers.

Which, of course, she found absolutely funny.

It's crazy to think that her joke actually came true.

For those who honestly believed that Teigen's Tweet was not in joke and that LeBron actually went into embroidery …

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