Chrissy Teigen’s Hamster Went On The Lam

Chrissy Teigen has a new member in her family: Peanut Butter, a hamster that her daughter Luna loves and her husband John Legend is learning to love. Chrissy, who’s not shy about sharing her personal life online, has been documenting the hamster chronicles on Twitter. When Peanut Butter went missing, Teigen took to Twitter to tell us the whole tale.

Part Of The Family

Chrissy shared that she and Luna bought a cute hamster named Peanut Butter. “John is not thrilled, which makes me love her more,” she admitted. She’s been going through the motions of being a new hamster mom, including learning what to feed her and how much to touch her. The host has been focusing on keeping the hamster alive, even reaching out to her followers for advice.

Twitter / Chrissy Teigen

Tens of thousands of fans have been intensely following Chrissy’s tweets on little Peanut Butter and some shared their own experiences with their hamsters. “If you don’t pet and play with them they will get so mean and bite you,” Twitter user @savkra shared with Chrissy. “My brother neglected his so every time we tried to pet it, it would bite us. Even talking to them helps so they recognize your voice!” Another Twitter user @sarahdrljo advised, “Wire cages can hurt their mouths and feet. The best thing to do is get a tank. Hamsters like a lot of space to roam around and dig, so the larger the better.” Chrissy took all of the advice into consideration, and everything seemed to be going well for a few days. That was, until, Peanut Butter went on the move.

On The Run

Unfortunately, the hamster got out….twice. The first time, Chrissy found her within a few hours. However, the second time, things were a little more serious. Chrissy had no idea where Peanut Butter could be, but thankfully, her followers had a few tricks to find the hamster.

Twitter / Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy literally tried all of the tips that her fans could think of. She sprinkled the floor with flour to see if she could get some footprints. She kept her security cameras on and even asked if her followers could watch a live stream to keep an eye out for the hamster. She even tried capturing Peanut Butter with peanut butter.

Finally Bonding

Finally, after over 12 hours, Chrissy was able to find the hamster. She was ecstatic though she had kind of forgotten what Peanut Butter even looked like!

Twitter / Chrissy Teigen

After sharing the entire hilarious saga online, Chrissy thanked her fans and promised she would work even harder at being a better mom to Peanut Butter. “Thank you guys for all your help and tips, really. if you’re worried for her, please don’t be,” she said. “I have all new stuff coming for her now that you’ve taught me so much. she is very loved, I promise.” In fact, the two are bonding now and Chrissy can now give a better description of Peanut Butter. Well…hopefully.


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