Chrissy Teigen’s Thread About Not ‘Getting’ The World Cup Is Hilarious

I'll be honest with you – although football is one of the most exciting sports I look at, and I'm really into club games whenever I stand on top, I'm just always interested in or out of the way if that World Cup is running. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that my Google search history is filled with "How To Watch World Cup" every four summers.

I've just bought a TV package to watch the games this year and I'll cancel it the second they're over, but there's really nothing like having a nationalist rivalry on a field somewhere with a group of people Men watch a ball.

I can not imagine a single sport except maybe hockey, where one point is so damn exciting.


Now I have to admit that I do not know the rules so fast because I watch football so often (football, hurr durr uncured American here). I need a few games to detect when someone is offside or when the referee is just a biased bum.

It is not uncommon for people to become involved in World Cup fever without understanding the game – just take Chrissy Teigen.

At least she is willing to admit that she has no idea what the game is about.

This was not very good for the TV personality who intended to organize a brunch with thematic cuisine based on the countries [she thought] played.

And it turned out to be a problem when she realized that she did not know exactly what was going on in the games.

Or …. who ever played.

When people began to clarify which two teams played in the final, Teigen was still at a loss.

She wanted to know what Belgium was up to, especially because she planned Belgian cuisine.

Unfortunately, Tegen could not hear that France had displaced Belgium from the cup competition, after the red jersey team could not break the tough defense of their European neighbors.

As a result, a delicious menu item went out the window.

Hope none of her guests counted on waffles.

Since doughs asked for Croatian food recommendations, people were happy to provide them with probably the largest kitchen in Eastern Europe.

If you have never had a burek, you know that they come in many different shapes, shapes, sizes and fillings, but they are absolutely delicious culinary concoctions, which mainly contain layers of filo pastry with meat or cheese or tomato or feta cheese or Spinach or some kind of stuffing, really. Depends on the region, but my god is incredible. They taste best with a kefir milk drink.

Someone dropped the Cevapi tip, which is more important.

I mean, look at this and tell me your stomach does not rumble. The way these little kebabs are cooked is undeniably Balkan and oh so tasty.

The Croats offered doughs again and again ideas of star cuisine.

And I'm personally grateful for that. I grew up with the food, I grew up with the food. I think I'm going to host a World Cup party, just for the food!

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