Christmas decorations for your beard

Is your beard a bit on the dull side? Is the sparkle missing or? is not that quas? Hear. The holidays are on the way and we have just the thing. You can now beguile your beard with individual fairy lights. For the season or just Tuesday.

Let these bristles shine

All right, all right. That sounds too amazing to be true. How can you wonder if this beard is sparkling?

For one, they are easy. Because in the city you can not rock old school onions. (Although this may be the inspiration for a new skincare strategy, pull the face?) This accessory uses tiny batteries.


It has 18 multi-colored nano-LED lights on a 90 cm long wire that can be easily clamped in the beard. You can even adjust the colors. Bearded runners can weave them through their facial hair and set for maximum solemnity.

Sparkle your beard with care

It's not all fun and games. If there was no provision, we would all be running around the clock with beard lights. But if you're considering investing in some, listen.


Firebox, the company behind Beard Lights, keeps users from lighting their beards when they're swimming or raining outside. You may also want to take the stand lightly. Liquor and beard lights could be dodgy.

Deck The Beard With Beardaments

If the blinking beard does not quite match your style, there are other options. You may prefer to dangle the festive objects from your facial hair.


Beardaments offers lightweight balls in various designs. You can peel it through your beard to create a touch of sheen, maybe a touch of shine. These are a little less risky than Bart lights If you hit hard against the bars vacation Time. But do not make a mistake – they are just as dangerous if you turn into a sparkling, bearded lady magnet.


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