Church opens doors to the hundreds of homeless people every day

More than 7,000 homeless people wander the streets of San Francisco. The city in northern California attracts visitors to places of interest such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz Federal Prison. Still, life in the city is much less entertaining for people driven out of their homes due to skyrocketing real estate prices. This is where the Gubbio project comes in.

An area of ​​acceptance

The Gubbio Project is a nonprofit organization that provides sanctuary and shelter to 225 San Francisco residents each day. Both the St. Boniface and St. John Evangelist churches open their doors and allow the homeless to sleep safely and quietly on their benches for several hours each day.

she lives

"Sleep deprivation is one of the most critical health issues for the homeless," reads the website of the Gubbio project. "No questions are asked when our guests walk in the churches, there are no registration forms or forms of admissions to eliminate barriers to entry, nobody is ever rejected, all are welcome, respected and treated with dignity."

A community for all

In the first third of the church, the daily Mass is celebrated at 12:15. The other two-thirds of the building is designed to allow people without a place to hide their heads in a safe place.


"This sends a powerful message to our untroubled neighbors – they are essentially part of the community, not to be thrown out when those with houses come to worship," the charitable website continues. "It also sends a message to the participants of the Mass – the community includes the tired, the poor, those with mental health problems and those who are wet, cold and dirty."

Game made in the sky

In addition to providing a place to sleep for the homeless, The Gubbio Project offers blankets, socks, toiletries, pastoral care, chiropody and massages for the needy. In addition, volunteers prepare breakfast for visitors to the church every Friday morning.

El Tecolote

"The Gubbio project came to an end huge gift I am very honored to work with them, "said Father Richard Smith, Vicar of St. John," It's a very critical time in San Francisco and I'm glad we had the privilege to help community in this little way. "

Watch the video below to find out more about how the Gubbio project works for the needy.


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