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Clever Halloween Costumes You’ll Wish You Thought Of First


It can be a stressful task to choose the perfect Halloween costume. But many times after you made the decision, you scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and you see even more clever, creative ideas for Halloween costumes. You think, “I wish I had thought of that!” This includes these five hilarious costumes that are sure to impress everyone on Halloween.

A Working Box Of Wine

Adults, you’ll wish you thought of this clever and hilarious Halloween costume. The costume is only fit for adults, in which this woman dressed up as a functional box of wine. At first, it just looks like someone is dressed up as a box of wine. But when you look closely, you’ll notice a spout and it actually pours wine. That’s a costume we can fully support.


French Kiss

Maybe you’re a fan of the 1970’s rock band, Kiss, and you decide to dress up as the band for Halloween with your friends. But, these friends took it to the next level and dressed up as a “French Kiss.” Dress up as a French mime, paint your face like the members of Kiss, and carry a French baguette. This is one clever costume.


A Clever Vending Machine

Kids think of the most hilarious and unusual Halloween costumes. This includes this girl’s idea of a vending machine costume. It’s unusual, but it’s also very clever. The homemade box includes real food. Was the girl hoping to make some money while trick-or-treating? We’ll never know.


Becoming A Paper Doll

Who didn’t play with paper dolls while growing up? Clearly, this woman did so she decided to dress up as a paper doll for Halloween. Her “dress” looks like it’s made out of paper, and she even included the tabs you would fold over to attach the clothes to your paper dolls. This isn’t just clever, but also reminds adults of their childhood.


Bob Ross And His “Happy Little Trees”

Bob Ross recorded his famous “The Joy of Painting” television program in the 1990s. But in recent years, his popularity grew with the help of social media. Many couples have decided to dress up as Bob Ross and his paintings for Halloween. If this couple participated in a costume contest, they would probably win.



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