Cool DIY projects that you can do on a weekend

Do-it-yourself projects do not have to be daunting. You do not have to be an expert in power tools either. You can do something adorable and fancy at home. The DIY projects presented here make you look like a skilled professional. Best of all, all you need to know is that you knocked them out on a weekend.

Painted Statement Glasses

With cheap glasses A Kailo Chic life, turned into statement articles, which would be boring bathroom accessories. The bright colors and golden lids can lighten your boring cotton balls. Keep a clear window for the content to make it visible by making it unique and functional. Everyone will know what the fancy container holds.

A Kailo Chic life

The new blackboard

For a nice and functional memo board Girl loves glam turned to black vinyl. The vinyl is actually writable with chalk and chalk markers. It is also a much cleaner and faster method than chalk paint. Vinyl is available in a variety of colors to suit every style and decor.

Girl loves glam

Vintage windows that sparkles

With a series of vintage windows you can add a touch of mood and shine to your room. The sparkling windows created by Mother-daughter Projects are perfect for the holidays or a cozy evening. The switches and batteries are hung on the wall and painted for a seamless look.

Mother-daughter Projects

Imitation leather carrying bags

Faux leather tote bags can make the perfect gift bag or bag for yourself. Using a paper that looks like leather, they are much more expensive than they are. This paper is even washable. The leather paper comes as a cardboard on a roll, but after washing soft as leather. Francois Et Moi Even sewed the paper and added some color to create this unique look.

Francois Et Moi

Gold foil for the victory

From boring to glam, all about DIY. Take a cheap bowl with a gold foil paint. Homey Oh my used gold leaf to highlight a uniquely shaped bowl. The gold leaf immediately improves an otherwise simple shell. When the bowl is painted finish with food-grade sealant. This protects the court and yours foods,

Homey Oh my


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