Cool Google tricks that will upset your mind

Google is also a geek paradise. There we all go to answer our burning questions to find out who the actor was in this one movie, or the main ingredients in a pumpkin spice milk (besides pumpkin of course). It can also be a great way to hesitate and offers hours of entertainment if you know how. Keep reading for five cool ways to start searching on the Google platform.

Search "gravity"

If you type "Google Gravity" in the search bar and then press "I'm happy," the entire screen around you will collapse when you move the mouse when gravity leaves the page. Make sure you've disabled Google's instant results in your account settings to get the "I'm happy" button!


Search "Barrel Roll"

If you're looking for entertainment, tap "take a barrel roll" on the Google search bar and enable Google's Instant Results feature. Your results start with barrel rolls before you even finish typing. Hopefully you will not get any travel sickness, because this one is definitely worth a google.


Search "recursion"

Google will make fun of yourself if you let it happen. Type "recursion" (which means "repeat" or "return") into the search bar and Google will question your spelling with "Did you …", even if you did not make a typo. And it will give you "recursion" (the same word) as a suggestion. Over and over again.


Search "Kerning"

This one is out there for the designers! Kerning is the space between letters in a word. When you search Google for "kerning", the search engine changes the spacing between the letters in the word "kerning" in all results and gives you a visual representation of the search term.


Search for "anagram"

Just like when you are search "Recursion", if you search the word "anagram" in Google, it will make a suggestion with the "Did you mean …" function. Google makes an anagram from the word "anagram" and suggests that you actually want to search "nag a ram" Google has a sense of humor.



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