Cool Jobs Outside Of The 9-To-5 Grind You Probably Didn’t Think Exist

11. Fortune Cookie Writer: Around $50,000 Per Year

If you’ve ever eaten at a Chinese take-out place in the U.S., you’ve also received a fortune cookie. It’s one of those guilty pleasures in which we must indulge, along with watching Seinfeld re-runs and reading about astrology. But have you ever wondered who actually writes those fortunes?

job, fortune cookie

New York Post

No, the fortunes aren’t written by a wise-cracking grandpas sitting in the back of your local haunt for General Tso’s chicken. Fortune cookie manufacturers actually hire freelancers or in-house writers to think of these inspiring or amusing one-liners. Copywriters seeking a fun time might consider this as a career option, though it’s unclear how it stacks up against the coming Artificial Intelligence revolution.


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