Cool Jobs Outside Of The 9-To-5 Grind You Probably Didn’t Think Exist

3. Professional Netflix Watcher: Around $20,000 Per Year

Most people binge Netflix series to avoid work or relax after a long day. Others binge for work. That’s right, there is actually a select group of professionals called “taggers” who get paid to lie on the couch all day watching Netflix. Their job is to sift through the company’s massive amount of shows, movies and documentaries, and categorize them based on expert analysis.

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Washington Post

This seemingly ideal dream job isn’t just about chilling though, the concept of Netflix taggers was in part established to catch things that a computer might not. And not just anyone can land this gig — preference is typically given to candidates with some kind of a background in film. If you’ve ever wondered how Netflix’s recommendations are always so spot on, these are the people to thank.


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