Cool Jobs Outside Of The 9-To-5 Grind You Probably Didn’t Think Exist

4. Private Island Caretaker: $15,000-$120,000 Per Year

We’ve all heard about the uber-rich buying private islands. Whether as secluded vacation getaways or heavenly havens to escape from the anticipated coming apocalypse, the list of private island owners includes Elon Musk, Johnny Depp and the Emir of Qatar. All jokes aside, though, it’s a growing trend that most people don’t know enough about.

dream job - beach caretaker

The trend brings with it a growing demand in caretakers for the personal paradises. If you are lucky and have the right connections to be chosen for such work, you can spend your days in places most people only see on their Instagram feeds and dream of visiting – not to mention getting paid for it. The only downside here seems to be the potential for a really bad sunburn.


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