"Cow Cuddling" is apparently one thing now and costs $ 300

    Have you ever considered dealing with a 1000lb farm animal to help with your mental health? Now? Neither do I. But if that fascinates you, you're in luck. Because "cow cuddling" is perhaps the hottest new wellness trend. It brings you back a few bills, but could it be worth it?

    According to PubMedThere is evidence that people can reduce their levels of stress by interacting with animals. How can you choose that this is the case? While this concept may seem a bit strange, the new therapy trend fits in with other programs we've seen in the past. Do you remember goat yoga or cat yoga? What about rabbit yoga? While yoga with a cow might be a bit difficult, cuddling with them might be the next best thing.

    The Mountain Horse Farm in New York offers a program with the "Horse & Cow Experience", where people can spend time with the large farm animals. You can interact with them as you like caress, clean or play. If you are not in the mood to play with the animals, you can just cuddle with them. "Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours, cuddling up to a cow that feels a lower heart rate and a higher body temperature is very relaxing," wrote Mountain Horse Farm on her website.

    Animal interaction has become a popular option for individuals reduce stress and connect with nature, Mountain Horse Farms notes on its website that especially horses and cows are sensitive animals using body language for communication. "They will pick up on what is going on inside, and feel that if you are happy, sad, lost, anxious, or excited, they will answer without judgment, ego, or agenda." They say that hanging around with their animals can bring relaxation, healing, awareness, comfort and mindfulness. It can also help build assertiveness, confidence and overcoming anxiety.

    The Horse & Cow Experience costs $ 300 for a 90-minute session. If you are only interested in cow snuggle, you can book a 60-minute session for $ 75. You can bring a friend for both sessions.

    While this may sound like the ideal form of therapy for pet lovers, there is another side to it. Mario Becker, an animal behavior expert, talked to him Metro UK how this trend could affect the cows. "Cows are cattle and not cuddly animals. To cuddle with humans is not a natural need for cows," he said.

    The moderators of the Mountain Horse Farm make sure that their animals are loved and well cared for. "We have the passion to give them the most natural life possible, "they wrote on their website," They want their horses and cows to live in a herd where they can forge strong bonds and friendships the way they do in the wild "I think these bonds and friendships can come in all shapes, sizes and types.


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