Cows walk on Atlanta Highway after accident

From pizza to cattle, large trucks transport goods of all kinds throughout the country. But what happens if one of these trucks overturns? Well, sometimes it means there's a huge pizza party in the middle of the freeway. In other cases, a lot of cows are loose on a highway in Georgia.

An unexpected occurrence

As a 70-cow tractor in Georgia drove down the I-285, the driver lost control and rolled over a ramp. The exact location of the accident was a Cobb Cloverfield exit, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. The driver has reported no injuries, but was a bit shaken about the whole thing.

Georgia DOT

Unfortunately, this is not the first such accident. Nine cattle escaped after two tugs collided in Texas in April. Hopefully some new security measures can be taken to prevent these incidents in the future.

A sad reality

Unfortunately, ten of the 70 cows died during the accident. While we want all the cows to survive, the 60, which are still loose, are slowly being brought to safety.

Dayton Daily News

Through an initiative that began with the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Georgia DOT, citizens can report or bring in lost cows. However, citizens are advised to exercise caution when handling cattle.

Crazy reactions

On the plus side, the loose cows give a sense of humor to the people who live in Atlanta. From banks too Super MarketCows are literally everywhere.

Dayton Daily News

Atlanta citizens, however, must remember to be cautious. These cows are likely scared and can act irrationally. If discovered, it should be reported immediately. Otherwise, have fun counting the cows on the way to work and school in the morning!


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