Creatures look like they might not be from this planet

If you think of scary creatures, you'll probably find many fictional animals in your head. But what about the real monsters and curiosities that exist around us? These five animals seem too dark, too weird and macabre to be from planet Earth. However, they are more than real and their apparitions are as breathtaking as they are scary. How would you feel if you met one of these strange animals?

Sweet Sailfin Dragon

These spectacular lizards are not allowed to spit fire, but they are damn great. The Sailfin Dragon often have beautiful skin and coloring and are native to the Indonesian island. Despite their intimidating names, they are by no means as dangerous as their fictitious, film-based cousins. The keeping and stroking of these cute little lizards is not forbidden!

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Terrifying Tardigrade

Tardigrades may have cute names like "water bears" and "moose pigs", but at first glance they look a bit scary. Nevertheless, these microtires are the hardest creatures on earth, building houses in places like mud volcanoes, icy landscapes, and tropical rainforests. You can also go several years without water or food and survive temperature and pressure shifts that would be fatal to other life forms. So these mushy little micro-monsters are basically indestructible.

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Stupid hammerhead bat

We've all heard of hammerhead sharks, but what about Hammerhead Bats? These creatures may look a bit silly, but those big-lipped, nocturnal bats are anything but flawed. They are in equatorial Africa and thrive mostly with fruit. However, science still has a long way to go to understand the behavior, reproduction and true origin of these cartoons. Could you be from Mars? It is too early to say so.


Purple vampire crab

Okay, I like … even her name is scary. This bright purple, yellow-eyed sea creature is as beautiful as it is frightening. These crabs, also known as Geosesarma dennerle, come from Indonesia and live in fresh water. In many places, these creepy crustaceans have become popular pets. Can you sleep, knowing that these fluorescent eyes are watching you?

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Spooky Albino Sulcata Turtle

When you mix a vampire rabbit and a turtle, you get those scary eyes creature, These reptiles are a variation of Sulcata Turtles with a gene for albinismfrom North African deserts. But they look more like they've just crawled out of a Steven King movie than out of the Sahara desert.

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