Custom playhouses for cats are "meow-nificent"

The Egyptians understood that cats are royal creatures who love to be worshiped. Almost since its inception, cats have also been a big deal on the internet. Anyone who ever owned a cat knew they were independent animals that emphasized personal comfort. One company chose not only the universal love of cats, but also the old adage propelled by Kitty: "If it fits, it fits." London-based gift site Suck UK opted for the next level of boxing, which gives cats a bit more edge.

A dream car for cats

The owners could easily imagine their kittens in elaborately designed boxes that look like something completely different. Which cat owner could not empathize with the emotional pain of buying his cat an expensive house or a perch, just to find her cat in a simple old box?

Suck Great Britain

Suck UK has fully recognized the importance of the box and decided to give the cats what they want while they pick it up. The Catillac get it? – The radiant pink carrier for hours of laziness.

Five alarm cats

Pet owners are keen to give their cats a chance to play a superhero and fall in love with the company's fire department box for cats. The icing on the cake was even a ladder where many kittens liked to scratch and play with them while hiding in their box.

Suck Great Britain

Like other Suck UK paw-play stores, it was easy for buyers to put together the fire engine. The boxes of the brand can be easily folded, so that the owners can stow them until the cat time.

tank attack

Convinced that cats are omnipotent, Suck UK has also designed a tank design. The playhouse had a top-level opening that allowed cats to liquefy and slide into the tank. Clever cats were able to plan their final takeover while planning the inevitable war between cats and humans.

Suck Great Britain

With cat houses like these, kitten The owners had no trouble imagining a future ruled by cats. No doubt they should drive around in heavy armored cartridges and fighter jets.

Would you surprise your cat with one of these playhouses?


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