Cute Mystery Man helps the Boy Scouts who buy entire stock

Emerson and Maya are two Girl Scouts living in Greenville, South Carolina. They sold scout biscuits outside a local shop when a man paid $ 540 to buy every box they owned. The generous man bought the biscuits because he said he did not want to be outside in the cold any longer. After the biscuit connoisseur went viral for the huge biscuit purchase, he was included in the news for a totally different reason.

A big sale

Although the temperatures were not as unbearably low as in other parts of the country, it was pretty cold in Greenville, South Carolina. Kayla Dillard, a mother, accompanied two Girl Scouts named Emerson and Maya.


They had an average sales day, but things should be extraordinary! An inconspicuous gentleman came to their table and announced proudly that they could go home because he would buy all their biscuits.

Who is the Mystery Man?

The nameless man said he wanted to get the two young girls out of the cold weather. Mrs. Dillard and the two little scouts were more than excited. Emerson and Maya photographed with the riddle-man. Ms. Dillard has posted a Facebook post about the interaction that was originally reported Delish,

Washington Post

Unfortunately, the man did not stay without a name for a long time. Within days, after making headlines for being a compassionate Samaritan, he found himself in another, less flattering section of the paper.

A strange turn of events

The generous man named Detric McGowan was one of the eleven people arrested in a state drug trap. The authorities insist that his interaction with the Boy Scouts had nothing to do with his arrest. They were already investigating Mr. McGowan, and he happened to be famous shortly before his arrest. Considering this shocking development, Dillard removed her original post.

rebel Circus

The Scout Organization has dealt with the matter. Mrs Dillard and her spies were never in danger and nothing could have been done to prevent the situation. Karen Kelly, Vice President of Marketing of girl Boy Scouts of South Carolina says"We have no reason to believe that this man was anything but one of our valued customers." Regardless of the background of the man who made the purchase, the Girl Scouts were rewarded for their persistence.


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