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Demi Lovata's amazing fans hold their own concert


Former Disney star Demi Lovato has been living a difficult past for years, fighting drug addiction, mental illness and self-harm. When the unbelievable happened last week, their superfans decided to take matters into their own hands.

Upsetting overdose

On Tuesday, July 24, pop star Demi Lovato was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles after an overdose of drugs. The 25-year-old singer had reached years of sobriety prior to her tragic overdose and was reportedly in a stable condition.


After her emergency Lovato had to cancel her planned performance in Atlantic City. Although Lovato did not appear in person, she was in the spirit as her dedicated fans gathered on the concert grounds to celebrate her favorite actor.

Sing in solidarity

About 60 of Lovatos superfans, also known as "Lovatics", gathered in the concert hall on Thursday to show their support and hold a spontaneous song song together.


Men and women sang several songs by Lovato, including "Sober". The song was released in June and outlined Lovatos relapse after six years of sobriety. "Momma, I'm sorry, I'm not sober anymore And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks that are lying on the floor, to those who never left me We've been on this street before I'm sorry, I'm not so sober anymore, "read the text.

Uplifting Lovatics Nationwide

The dedication of Lovatics to her favorite star is really inspiring. They even caught the attention of other fans from out of town.


"I Watch your videos Atlantic City, "wrote a Twitter user." That's what we needed. An assembly of Lovaticseveryone is celebrating demi in a difficult time of need. Today was the fun, heartwarming break we needed. " Watch the video of Lovato's super fans singing some of their favorite songs Songs below.


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