Disabled Chicken will be provided with adorable "Custom Wheels"

Life for a chicken called Granite Heart was not easy, especially when walking. Granite Heart, the beloved animal of ten-year-old Alora Wood in Vermont, was born disabled and needed help. Fortunately, Walkin & # 39; Pets was ready to equip Granite Heart with a chic wheelchair.

A sweet bird

No wonder Granite Heart is a chicken that melts hearts instead of ripping feathers. The two-year-old bird loves cuddling, oranges and has a winning personality. Unfortunately, the animal chicken was born with a deformed leg and broken tendons, so he never managed to stand on his own feet and walk around. Although Granite Heart managed to hobble on good feet or fly short distances, his range of motion was limited. After a few evil weasels attacked Granite Heart and her siblings in the stable, Alora decided to make her a bird of prey.

Made for mobility

To give a chicken to a special wheelchair did not go unnoticed as a comic Saturday night live had to give her two cents. Alora Wood called SNL because she is insensitive to the unique needs of her wife Disabled pet, cried disgustingly (or poultry) how to "just eat the chicken". Walkin's made the wheelchairs for larger animals like cats and dogs, but the Massachusetts based company wanted to help Granite Heart. Not only was Granite Heart a celebrity because she was so resilient, she was also the first chicken to receive a Walkin & # 39; Pets wheelchair.

The internet is going back

When Granite Heart got the sound of her new wheels, it did not take long for her to move around the house. Online Twitter feed from Walkin – Pet, 15 people were excited about a post with Granite Heart in a wheelchair. Online Reddit, users like Nk4512 have come up with the comics of SNLHe commented, "An order from McHandicappedNugget is coming." Although she is a devotee and hater, Granite Heart has proven to be a tough bird.


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