Divorced Couple Plan Best Surprise for Kids at the Airport

Parents know only too well that divorce can devastate the children. Fortunately, some parents are able to lift their differences for the benefit of the children in favor of their children. When a divorced mother packed her children for a family vacation, her two children had no idea what to expect at the airport.

Break it open

When parents part company, children usually spend more time with one parent than the other. Even if a couple separates on friendly terms, it can be difficult for children to build a strong bond with both parents. Proactive mothers and fathers can work together to minimize the harm done to their children after the divorce. Couples only have to be willing and able to do so.


The health, well-being and happiness of children born of marriage after their parents have parted ways to change the world of difference. Despite the fact that "1.5 million children in the United States"Every year you experience your parents' divorce, it does not have to be a negative ending.

Together for the kids

Parents who divorce or become separated can take positive action to support their children without the children feeling uncomfortable or "in the middle" psychological effects after a separation,


Laura Dee had packed her children, eleven-year-old Darcie, and nine-year-old Callum for a vacation to Cyprus. Darcie and Callum had no idea that there was a special surprise at the airport. As the trio approached their terminal to board, Darcie and Callum did not trust their eyes.

Rethink co-parenting

Dean Bone waited with open arms for his two children. Darcie and Callum had to take a double strike but their dad was in the terminal. The children were even more excited when they realized that Dad was bringing their family vacation.


Parents like Laura Dee and Dean Bone are extraordinary because they choose positive ways to educate their children together. Despite the separation, these two parents found a way to show how much they appreciate their children childrenand a balance with parental responsibilities.


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