Do you want to be torn? Fitness blogger says Ditch The Booze

In 2018, it would seem that people are always selling the next big weight loss secret. But amidst all the headlines and online scams of the magazine, there is one fact that is true in the fitness and bodybuilding world: drinking alcohol will make your figure perform wonders.

And fitness blogger Jelly Devote is a true testament to this statement.

A total transformation

On the left side we see Jelly before the transformation and hold something that seems to be a pretty big alcoholic beverage. And right now we see her. She does not drink alcohol very often and instead writes her new figure to the water.

Instagram / Jelly devotee

You can not blame them for forgetting the liquor. Alcoholic drinks are full of sugar. With just one vodka cranberry, which contains up to 170 calories, you can see how two or three in one night (plus snacks) can really add up!

No doubt, Jelly looks great. But her transformation inside is just as impressive as her new physique.

A look behind the glow

As the girl on the left side, Jelly never dared to figure out what to weigh because of the poor self-esteem. As the girl on the right side, she now sees that the weight is just a number and you should not worry.

Instagram / Jelly devotee

"Weight does not matter, you're important," Jelly said. "As you think about yourself, do not focus on a number that can fluctuate 5kg in two days."

Balance over everything

Even if Jelly enters the hardcore studio, she knows that The advantage of staying balanced When her body tells her that she desperately needs something.

"So, remember what I said about the balance ?! Today I had more carbs for breakfast than usual Help my body, I also had a chicken burger 🍔 (skipped the rolls and fries, but maybe two, which happened to be in my mouth 🍟) with grilled vegetables and a piece of cheese 🧀 and all the mayonnaise. Jelly said in an Instagram post.

Instagram / Jelly devotee

Yes, I will have what she has.


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