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Doberman falls into the canal and dolphins come to the rescue


Animals are so great! If you have had the pleasure of being with an animal for a long time, you know that furry friends really care about you. Some animals can even say when their human friends are sad. A near-death experience experienced by a small Doberman reminds us that life in the sea can be just as caring as dogs and cats.

Over the edge

On Marco Island (Florida), a curious little Doberman wandered around as he fell over a wall separating his house from a canal. In a matter of seconds, the poor dog splashed into the canal.

Tops pictures

As you probably know, dogs instinctively know how to swim in doggy paddling, but that would not work in this situation. The dog fell at the worst point in the canal. He was stuck between the land and a sandbank. The sandbank was too high to swim. It was so high that he could not be seen by people on the shore.

Stuck in the canal

The dog kept paddling to stay afloat. Fifteen hectic hours later, his owners were still looking for him, and the dog reached the point of exhaustion.

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He was hungry and dehydrated and his muscles could not live physically. Fortunately, a very unlikely group of heroes saw the fighting puppy. Dolphins swam past.

A water rescue

The dolphins began to make their high, screeching noises. They slammed their fins into the water and circled the dog. The dolphins did not stop to make a scene until people noticed them. When people started figuring out what was going on with the dolphins, they saw it fighting dog,

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On time, the firefighters were able to lift the puppy across the sandbank into the arms of his loving owners dolphins saved the day!


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