Dog and duck duo of adorable friendship melt your heart

If you find it hard to imagine a little duckling and a huge German shepherd completely falling in love, you are not alone. However, this young photographer has worked hard to make a wonderful friendship between her duck and her dog, which are almost inseparable. Although they are an unlikely pair of best friends, they are pretty cute!

A strange camaraderie

It's hard to imagine someone casually holding a duck as a pet. in particular even if they have a massive dog. This is exactly what Natacha, an 18-year-old photographer from France, decided to do. While this may sound like a disaster recipe, it has been proven time and again that different species can become brilliant companions. And Natacha's duck and dog do not differ.

Instagram / @ xuamina_photography

Immediately in love

When Natacha adopted her Indian runner Lemony for the first time, she did not hesitate to cuddle the sweet bird with her canine. She clearly trusted her female German Shepard, Vendetta, that she lovingly and lovingly faced the duckling. And although birds are often scared of dogs, Lemony was immediately impressed by Vendetta. The little duckling behind the puppy, wherever she dared.

Instagram / @ xuamina_photography

An unusual couple buddy

Lemony was braver than Natacha had expected, and she was surprised how quickly the duckling clung to Vendetta's side. Nevertheless, Vendetta immediately returned the same love they had for her. Natacha saw her friendship blossom and soon began integrating Lemony into some of her favorite activities with Vendetta. After a short time Lemony declined with her owner and a big dog to big and better adventures.

Instagram / @ xuamina_photography

Your adorable adventures

While Natacha Lemony originally brought with her and Vendetta to the lake, the duo soon became inseparable. She seemed to realize that they were happiest together, and started taking Lemony on even more of their journeys together. From city walks to forest walks, Lemony and Vendetta have developed a sense of adventure, and Natacha's beautiful photographs capture every precious moment between them.

Instagram / @ xuamina_photography

Promote the preciousness of ducks

Natacha has shared Vendetta and Lemony's to travel along with the world on her Instagram account @xuamina_photography. But in the end, Natacha does not just take pictures of her precious pets for online insights. She really hopes that she can change Perception of society It's a duck like more than a meal, "but like the most sensitive animals they are." As the photographs look, many people will hopefully recognize the loving, kind, and sweet nature of ducks like Lemony.

Instagram / @ xuamina_photography


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