Dog Swipes GoPro captures the funniest chase scene ever

The footage that we can record on GoPros is amazing. They let us see the world from a whole new perspective. It just happens that one of those perspectives belongs to a dog who has stolen his owner's camera. The footage of this thieving K-9 reveals how many dogs like to be hunted.


One day the man went out with his dog to play frisbee. He decided that he would attach a GoPro to the Frisbee to get some cool shots. He had no idea that his puppy, Bonnie, would run away with it.

Daily mirror

Bonnie's owner probably did not know that his video was going viral too. Although it is not hard to understand why it was so. Getting a new perspective on our dog's life is something every pet owner dreams of.


As soon as Bonnie got the Frisbee, she did not want to return it. The video shows her running around the garden several times. Your owner even tries to catch them without success.

Daily mirror

As you watch the footage, you can see how happy Bonnie is. There is nothing in the world she would rather do than run after her own. She even has some interactions with other dogs that are pretty adorable.

A movement

Bonnie's owner is not the first person to use a GoPro on her puppy. One of these people has taken some amazing pictures of her pet jumping in the ocean. While this video does not show the dog's face, you can say that he's so excited to dive into the deep blue.


We hope this story will inspire even more creators to show us the world of hers dogs Perspective. Who does not want to see her? beloved pet is the world looking at you?


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