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Dogs are waiting for their owner outside a hospital


The staff of the hospital witnessed all sorts of interesting cases, but an incident in a hospital in Brazil was exceptionally unique. A homeless person needed an emergency service in the early morning, and he did not come alone. A group of dogs eagerly awaited outside the hospital while their human companion was in it.

No gang of Ruffians

It was 3:00. is on Sunday when a homeless man named Cesar entered the Regional Old Valo Hospital in Rio do Sul, Brazil. He usually went to another hospital to seek help, but needed treatment for an existing condition.

This is insider

Cris Mamprim, a health care worker, could not help noticing that Cesar had some winged attendants. Four canines quietly waited for their friend's return, patiently waiting outside the hospital doors,

Sacrifice and loyalty

Despite the challenges and dangers of living on the streets of Brazil, Cesar was an attentive and loving carer of these four dogs. The hospital staff could see that the dogs looked healthy and fed because Cesar gave up his meal and they had something to eat.

Ana Paula Bogo

After an hour's wait on Cesar, the staff allowed the dogs to see their companion. The hospital staff offered Cesar food, and he made sure that he kept a dog bag for his four furry friends.

Heart warming tail fronds

In a world of privation and ugliness, it warms to see Cesar and the relationship with his stray dogs. Cris Mamprim and other hospital staff admired how much respect and love Cesar has for his animal friends.

Cris Mamprim / Facebook

Although Cesar may not be wealthy in material possessions, he is richer than most people because of the depth of his relationships. Cesar is lucky to have one faithful friends despite his difficulties in his corner to survive on the streets.


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