Dolphin causes beach closing and reason why is funny

They say there are many fish in the sea, but what is a dolphin to do when they are all underwater options? Because they are mammals and highly intelligent, dolphins have many of the same needs that humans have and will act upon as they wish.

Male dolphin looking for relationship

It has been reported that a male dolphin caught the love bug off the coast of Brittany, France. Boaters shouted that the dolphin named Zafar was sexually rubbing against small boats and kayaks.


Zafar has been entertaining tourists and boaters lately as he brushes past them, even allowing them to touch his fin.

Playful fun becomes aggressive

Zafar's reputation spread over several months in Brittany, with people coming to see the playful dolphin. He became very friendly with the swimmers, even allowing them to get close enough to swim with him. One day he even used his nose to push a woman out of the water.


It is rare that a dolphin would express sexual desires to people, and Zafar quickly realized that the emotions were not mutually exclusive. The fun and games stopped when Zafar became sexually frustrated and aggressive with the swimmers. He even began to terrorize the people while they swam and sailed.

Beach closed!

The Mayor of Landévennec, Roger Lars, decided to take matters into his own hands to protect the visitors to the beach. He forbade swimming when Zafar was present and stated, "Swimming and diving are prohibited on the coast if the presence of the dolphin is confirmed, and it is also forbidden to approach the dolphin within 50 meters."


While the antic of Zafar started amusing, it is important to remember dolphins are wild animals, Zafar was looking for sexual satisfaction and when he did not understand it, it became angry and unpredictable. Hopefully, the lonely dolphin could find his soulmate.


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