Dove cat goes viral for verbal response

Sometimes the biggest sounds can come from the smallest creatures. Clarabelle, a tender and devoted cat of her husband, loves to make a lion-like "meow" with her mother when she's in the house. The proud pet mother Cristina Kintner is always thrilled with her fur baby. Cristina was so fascinated by Clarabelle's vocals that she moved to make a compilation video of the "salvaged dump" in action.

Funny feline

If you look at Clarabelle, you would not easily believe that such a beautiful cat had such a hard life. Before she was rescued as a kitten by Cristina Kintner, the cat was with a fluffy white coat, a blue eye and a yellow eye homeless and alone, Clarabelle meows excitedly when Cristina is thankful, hungry or looking for attention. Clarabelle does not know much, her moms are in no way average. This kitty has a few pipes.

Volume control

Since Clarabelle is deaf, she does not recognize the strength of her voice. The veterinarian assessed Clarabelle when Cristina realized that the cat was not responding to her voice, and by that time she was determined to be 100% hearing impaired. Since Clarabelle can not hear her when she's out of the earth-shattering "meow," she has no idea she's incredibly loud. Perplexed by the serenity of everything, Cristina Clarabelle documented over the years and captured her sounds of joy and satisfaction.

Adorable alarm clock

At home, Cristina loves to share Clarabelle's online Instagram escapades. the lovely cat likes to hang out with her brother Douglas, a dog who was also rescued from a dumpster. The two fur babies are inseparable and like to snuggle, as Kitner wrote on Instagram: "I love my little brother Douglas!" On the internet, videos from Clarabelle have received over two million views since people could not do enough of this loving and adorable kitten. Online YouTube user SuperBeavers said, "She does not know how loud she is and I love it."


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